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-PLEASE NO WRITE LONG EXPLICATIONS or INFO for your commissions request, remember my first Language is not ENGLISH, I work better with images for reference than detailed Explications. If your OC'S have been Draw by another artist, please send me the reference and not long explications.
-No Realistic Portraits (There's a lot of good artist specialist in that go and find one  )
-I DON'T DO COLOR COMMISSIONS FOR OTHER ARTIST, there are plenty of great colorist in here in DA, looks for them.
-I don't do ADULT PORN COMMISSIONS, just erotic work that respect the rules and policy of DA, you can ask anythi
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Basic Type
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Special Type

For Futa/herms, Adlut and Foot Fetish commissions
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Inked= $35.USD
Colored a (simple
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Name: Kra’vyx
Family: Al’Bakuub (Straight Long Spear)
Clan: Nrak’ytara In’ga (Guardian of Time)
Rank: Unblooded/Blooded Hunter
Age: 45
Height: 7.0 feet
Weight: 275 lbs
Eye Color: Black

Appearance: Born into a family of well-known masters of the long spear, or ‘al’Ki its-pa’, Kra’vyx is a little lanker than the more common muscle bound Yautja hunters.  His heritage valuing speed and endurance in a long hunts. His ancestors long ago settling on a hot desert planet.  Over the millennia they developed an impressive camouflage of a sandstone red skin and a clay-tan underbelly.

He wears his family’s silver band on the first hair tendril on his right side directly underneath the ebony band in remembrance to his dead twin brother.
Kra’vyx likes to wear ‘minimal’ armor, offering the decent level of protection while not interfering with mobility.  He prefers tough leathers and organic armor for their flexibility only wearing metals to cover vital areas. At home he usually wears just a loincloth, but does have nicer apparel for more formal occasions.

Armament: Upholding his family mantel Kra’vyx wields a fixed long spear which he is very skilled at using. His second preferred weapon a smart disk for close and long range encounters.  He is also very skilled with varying martial art forms using implementing the Ki’cti-pa, or wrist blades.

Background: Growing up next to his twin brother in a family and clan well respected in Yautja society Kra’vyx started his training to become a hunter at an early age. From a minor-noble family he was slightly more privileged than others having access to better weapon instructors and teachers.  With his twin brother they found their team work could conquer any obstacles.  While individually they were impressive, together they were unstoppable.
Tragedy struck when Kra’vyx along with his brother and a group of their peers went on their Kainde Amedha Chiva.  Attacked by bad-bloods of Clan Cet Mar’cte Kra’vyx lost his brother and many of his friends.  The horrific severing of his bond with his brother caused Kra’vyx to fall into depression.  It wasn’t until he became comrades with a human called Yahto and bonded on a personal level with Ja’anya of house Yeyind’nrak did he begin to recover.
Under the tutelage of Yahto and others, Kra’vyx is discovering his latent psionic abilities. Possibly awaken from the harsh severing of his fraternal bond with his twin he is training himself to be better in memory of his brother. He continues to work and study diligently to improve his combat abilities and knowledge so that he may never become someone’s prey ever again. Successfully completing his Kainde Amedha Chiva to become a blooded hunter he continues to rise through the ranks in society.

Original Character owned my Me
Character artwork credited to   Rabies_T_Lagomorph
Character design credited to Myself and   Rabies_T_Lagomorph



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